Iron Roads

Lay tracks, buy trains, set their routes. Optimise your network and repeat till dawn. Run your enterprise efficiently while avoiding backlogs, jams, bankruptcy or angry passengers, and you'll be recognised for the unsung train hero you know you are.

Coming soonish to Desktop and Mobile

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We'll always have Paris

The BAFTA-nominated We'll always have Paris is a short narrative experience about loving someone with dementia.

Simon is a retired chef who lives with Claire, his wife of fifty years. Claire is slowly losing her memory, and Simon must balance his love for her with his desire to maintain normality and autonomy over the confusion that is infiltrating both their lives.

Available to play now on Windows, Linux, iOS and Android.

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Sarawak is a narrative adventure game that takes you from the dreaming spires of Oxford to the jungles of Borneo as you make interactive choices and solve puzzles in a story that blurs the boundaries between narrative games and conventional literature.

Available to play now on Windows, Linux and Mac.

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About us

We are Marina and Duncan, a BAFTA-nominated husband-and-wife team, and we develop games and art inspired by our love for management games, literature, puzzles and travelling. While we don't have defined roles, Duncan tends to be responsible for writing the engine and game design, and Marina does the writing and illustrations. Cowleyfornia is a nickname for the area of Oxford in the UK where our little studio is based.

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